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Facility Management

Can’t wait for World Workplace 2017 to kick off? Here’s our sneak peek

Knowledge Session IFMA World Workplace 2017

We’re counting the days for World Workplace 2017 to kick off in Houston, TX next week. You might be too! Don’t shy away, we have a little sneak peek ready for you here.

There are so many great things going on during IFMA’s World Workplace every year and it can be so extremely difficult to prioritize which knowledge sessions to choose over others.

To ease on this dilemma, we’ve gathered a sneak peek of our knowledge sessions presented at the conference. Hopefully, this will make it easier to make up your mind.

The effects of the IoT, AI, Big Data on the processes and cost of Facility Management in hospitals

Which effects can Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data have on the processes and costs of Facility Management in hospitals?

During this session, the ISS Healthcare Senior Business Consultant – Karin Schaad will together with Dr. Alexander Redlein from Vienna University of Technology give you practical examples from the health care sector to showcase which optimisations already are possible with the use of process simulations, RFID codes, IoT, sensor,automated guided vehicles and Big Data. The experts will also discuss which optimisation we can expect to be available in the coming 3-5 years.

Session code 1.10

Space Matters! Space as a tool for better performance in organisations

Workspace is never neutral and will therefore always either weaken or empower organizations and their subsequent strategies.

But how can you use strategic space design as a unique tool for creating changes in the workplace and improve your bottom line?

During this session, the ISS Global Head of Workspace Management & Design, Gitte Andersen, will discuss highlights from her book “Space at Work” and show best practices on how to achieve new competitive advantages with more thorough workspace design thinking.

Session code 3.12B

How to create great end-user service experiences in the workplace

Providing added value and creating great service experiences is what differs the greatest Facility Management providers from the average Joe’s. To do so, end-users must be the center of everything you do.

During this session, ISS’ Anders Gjørup Hansen will present you for the most important practices and methodologies that can help you understand your end-users, their user-journeys and enable you creating more personalized workplace experiences that empower their everyday life.

Session code 4.13

ISS 2020 Vision: Health & Well-being in the workplace through best in class service experiences

Office workers are increasingly suffering from a range of stress and lifestyle related illnesses and challenges. At the same time, technologies are enabling innovative ways to monitor and intervene in promoting employee wellbeing.

These developments raise fundamental questions: how do we integrate work into our lives and to what degree should “corporate interventions” occur?

ISS’ CMO & IFMA Fellow, Peter Ankerstjerne and the Director of Copenhagen Institute for Future studies, Jeffrey Saunders will walk you through their newest research findings and give you direct inputs to how to deal with wellbeing in the workplace.

Session code 8.12A

Solidarity through difference: Exploring the linkage between team diversity and micro-practices of (in)equality

80% of work in contemporary organizations are being performed in teams. Due to increasing internationalization of labor markets these teams are getting more and more diverse. Consequently ensuring that diverse teams can balance the simultaneous need for creativity and high-performance is one the major leadership challenges now and in the future. Also in ISS.

During this session researcher Lotte Holck from Copenhagen Business School and ISS Denmark, will discuss major take aways from her current study on team diversity and its leadership in ISS Denmark as well as present practical implications for leadership.

Academic Research Session, October 19th 2017 from 2.15 to 2.30 DST.

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